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Anonymous asked: Quick question, do you know the video of Grace (wasn't on her own channel) singing a song and talking about a guy she dated with a white car (a subaru I believe)? I stumbled upon it a very long time ago and I wanted to show it to a friend just now but I can't seem to find it anymore

If the car was actually a 1999 white Ford Expedition, I’m fairly positive that you’re looking for this video:

Apparently, the original upload is no longer on YouTube, but it looks this re-upload contains the whole thing, including the song at the end.

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saengking asked: It seems odd to me that it would've been removed due to copyright. Vimeo has been where Michelle has kept the old Shawty get loose and other GnM lip syncs when YouTube took those down or removed the audio so I don't think they'd remove it. Even YT, which is more takedown friendly, hasn't removed any of Grace's other videos despite featuring entire Gaga songs so I don't think her music label has a problem. That's the other thing, it wasn't removed, just made private according to the video link.

I see your point. You convinced me that it most likely wasn’t copyright-related.

Alright, new hypothesis: She made it private because she wants to use her Vimeo channel mainly to promote herself and her appearance changed a bit in the 3-ish years since she shot the video in question.

The one remaining video on her channel actually contains a segment from 01:50 to 02:10 where she does the same thing to the same song. Only it was shot about a year ago (as indicated by her bangs), so she looks a lot more like she does today.

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Anonymous asked: Did anyone download the video of Grace singing Just Dance? The one that is now password protected on vimeo. I would love to watch it.

It was a great video. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to download it.

Saengking and bennyisherp appear to have a copy of it. Maybe you can convince them to share it — although saengking mentioned having reservations about it:

Personally, I can’t see why she would be uncomfortable with it being made public again. It was probably just a copyright thing since she lip-synced to the original song (see this post).

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2012 DailyGrace Extras (March - July)

Grace filmed a couple of MyDamnChannel-exclusive extras this year that don’t show up on the website anymore. So here’s the list of extra videos for this year so far:

Watch: Sun 3/4 EXTRA
Download: Sun 3/4 EXTRA


Watch: DAILY GRACE EXTRA: MyDamnChannel LIVE is coming!
Download: DAILY GRACE EXTRA: MyDamnChannel LIVE is coming!


Watch: Sun 4/8: EXTRA
Download: Sun 4/8: EXTRA

Watch: EXTRA: 4/15
Download: EXTRA: 4/15

Watch: 4/22 EXTRA
Download: 4/22 EXTRA

Download: 4/29 EXTRA (download only, no watch link)

Watch: 5/6: EXTRA
Download: 5/6: EXTRA

Watch: 5/13: EXTRA
Download: 5/13: EXTRA

Watch: Sun 5/27: EXTRA
Download: Sun 5/27: EXTRA

Watch: Sun 7/15: EXTRA (probably won’t work, try the download instead. Thanks to saengking for giving me the download link!)
Download: Sun 7/15: EXTRA

Watch: 7/22: EXTRA
Download: 7/22: EXTRA

Watch: Sun 7/29: EXTRA
Download: Sun 7/29: EXTRA

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Good news, everyone!

The ancient problem with the official Daily Grace Archives has been fixed after MyDamnChannel increased the maximum number of weeks from 100 to 200. This means that every Daily Grace video from April 2008 to January 2012 is now officially accessible. (Also, the autoplay feature will play all the videos instead of just looping those of a single week as it used to)

Fortunately, all of the links on this blog ( are still working despite the MyDamnChannel redesign. Only the episode list has been made obsolete.

The VLC playlist still works like a charm and I would like to take this opportunity to promote it once again as it offers by far the most comfortable way to watch pre-YouTube Daily Grace videos:

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Daily Grace - The Lost Episodes

While surfing unproductively at work today, I stumbled upon this website:

They, too, allow you to watch old Daily Grace episodes (without gap, etc.). Check it out if you like. Maybe their presentation is more convenient for you than the one here on dgarchives, who knows? They have thumbnails and shit, but there are some videos that they don’t have available, too (plus the video player is really, really tiny).

Anyway, I found out through their site that dgarchives missed at least 2 videos that they do have available, so I figured I should probably post them here. The pancakes video in particular is hilarious!

I also included these into the existing list of links and the VLC playlist.

Wed 9/15/10: PANCAKES!!!


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bennyisherp asked: I'm also very grateful! Just wanted to let you know. My obsession with Grace Helbig has reached new heights thanks to you.

Ewww… you are here…  j/k

Thanks man. I saw you even reblogged the VLC thing.

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ineedpens asked: I think I love you for this.
I'm in the process of going through all the vids and I've been wondering what happens after week 100. Now I don't have to wonder anymore. Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback! When I first posted the list I wasn’t sure if anyone would even appreciate it at all. It makes me happy when I see I’m not the only crazy person out there. ;)

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